Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Students Review Contest for MySQL & Glassfish

Sun Microsystems has announced a students review contest for MySQL and Glassfish, where students have to develop an application using MySQL and Glassfish. The project has to be part of the website and a review has to be written on MySQL and Glasssfish.

The contest is useful for students who are learning to develop web application and will also help Sun if students get interested in these products. The contest has the following prizes to be won:

  • A chance to win a grand prize of $500 in Visa debit card, and
  • Five chances to win a prize of $250 in Visa debit card

Other than the prizes, students should also be interested in the contest because its a nice learning experience and students will also improve their writing skills by blogging. There is also a certificate that is given to all the winners and its good to show-off you accolades. I won the 2nd prize on the students reviews contest last time and it was an interesting contest to participate.

Chhandomay Mandal manages these student contests and he's very polite and always ready to help. Ask him questions here.


Anonymous said...

This is Umesh from Thakur College... Thanks for the information sir!! Can we discuss with you what project I should do for the contest??

Adi Ananthkrishnan said...

Hi Adi here, Is it open to diploma students waiting for their results??

Anonymous said...

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